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CCDH - What ecosystem projects are included?
Aug 04, 2015 ... /prep.html and do not find my of the ecosystem projects like Avro, Parquet, Flume, Sqoop, Pig, Crunch ...
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Solr tools CrunchIndexerTool or MapReduceIndexerTool
Jul 24, 2015 ... CrunchIndexerTool or MapReduceIndexerTool . My currently version CDH 5.3.5-1. In Cloudera repository solr-crunch ...
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Apache Spark in the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem
1 years ago ... progress on this initiative. Apache Crunch The SparkPipeline implementation for Apache Crunch development ... is complete and will be recommended for use from the 0.11 release of Apache Crunch which will be part ... of CDH 5.2 in the upcoming months. With this change, Apache Crunch provides a high level interface to ...
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Customer Spotlight: Shopzilla Connects Customers with the Products They Want
1 years ago ... the backend — the data needs to be processed, cleaned, transformed and crunched before retailers can ...
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Spark is the New Workhorse of Data Processing on Hadoop
Jul 22, 2015 ... authoring its eulogy? Not quite. MapReduce jobs that crunch through petabytes of data are run on a daily ... ecosystem integration via projects like Hive On Spark, SparkOnHBase, Crunch on Spark, and Pig on Spark ...
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Strata + Hadoop World NYC 2015 Content Preview
Jul 02, 2015 ... Parquet PMC), Josh Wills (Apache Crunch Founder/PMC), Alex Behm Running Experiments with Logged-out Users ...
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A Look Back at the Top 10 VISION Blog Posts of 2014
1 years ago ... integrated with the following Hadoop architectural layers: Apache Crunch, Kite SDK, Apache Solr, Apache Pig ...
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A Look Back at Spark as the Open Standard
1 years ago ... look at what’s been accomplished since: August 2014 Apache Crunch 0.11 releases with a SparkPipeline ...
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Converged Analytics and the Enterprise Data Hub Developer
1 years ago ... ingestion Managing a multi-stage workflow with Oozie Analyzing data with Crunch Writing user-defined ...
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Open Source, Flattery, and The Platform for Big Data
2 years ago ... Bigtop, Apache MRUnit, Cloudera Hue, Apache Crunch, and most recently, Cloudera Impala. Acknowledging the ...
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