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Cloudera QuickStart VM

This VM contains a single-node Apache Hadoop cluster including Cloudera Manager, example data, queries, and scripts.

The VM from Cloudera is available in VMware, VirtualBox and KVM flavors, and all require a 64 bit host OS. This VM runs CentOS 6.2.

Warning: This VM is for demo purposes only and is not to be used as a starting point for clusters.

CDH 4.6 (KVM)

  • Last update: 10 Oct 2013

SHA1: 2af370cf9fd42cdf96f8762e8ded099553d7d9f8



  • This is a 64-bit VM, and requires a 64-bit host OS and a virtualization product that can support a
    64-bit guest OS.
  • This VM uses 4 GB of total RAM. The total system memory required varies depending on the size
    of your data set and on the other processes that are running.
  • The demo VM file is in a 7-zip format and is approximately 2 GB. Feel free to mirror internally or externally to minimize bandwidth usage.
  • The reliability and performance of CDH is fully-realized when run on a distributed cluster. Because the QuickStart VM runs the entire platform on a single host, some features in Cloudera Manager may be unavailable