Cloudera Manager Training

Speed Deployment and Move Towards Production

Cloudera Manager simplifies deployment, configuration, diagnostics, and reporting for CDH in production. Learn how to set up and customize Cloudera Manager to monitor and improve the performance of any size Hadoop cluster, increase compliance, and reduce costs.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Learn about the course and about Cloudera in this short introduction.

Chapter 2: Cloudera Manager Introduction

Discover the motivation for Cloudera Manager, and gain insight into the features it delivers.

Chapter 3: Installing and Configuring Cloudera Manager

Find out the system requirements for installing Cloudera Manager, and get an overview of the installation process.

Chapter 4: Working with Cloudera Manager

See how to use the basic features to interact with the different services running on your cluster.

Chapter 5: Cluster Administration

In this chapter, we discuss how to work with the hosts in your cluster and how to manage multiple clusters from a single instance of Cloudera Manager. During the Hands-On Exercise, you will configure HDFS High Availability and add a new service.

Chapter 6: Cluster Monitoring

Explore Cloudera Manager's cluster monitoring features, including charting and alerting.

Chapter 7: Advanced Cluster Administration

See how to configure Backup and Disaster Recovery, how to use the Cloudera Manager API to automate changes to the cluster, and how Parcels aid in deploying updates to the cluster.

Chapter 8: Administering Cloudera Manager

Learn how to back up your Cloudera Manager configuration and how to add multiple users with different privileges.

Chapter 9: Conclusion

We wrap up and review the Cloudera Manager Training.

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