Cloudera Manager Training

Speed Deployment and Move Towards Production

Cloudera Manager simplifies deployment, configuration, diagnostics, and reporting for CDH in production. Learn how to set up and customize Cloudera Manager to monitor and improve the performance of any size Hadoop cluster, increase compliance, and reduce costs.

Chapter 1: Introduction

This episode discusses the core technologies of Apache Hadoop and how Cloudera Manager simplifies and adds a layer of control to monitoring and interacting with the Hadoop cluster.

Chapter 2: Managing Hadoop

Explore the basic elements of Apache Hadoop, the Hadoop lifecycle, and the functions that Cloudera Manager oversees.

Chapter 3: Cloudera Manager Basics

Why use Cloudera Manager? This episode describes the features, benefits, and requirements for managing the Hadoop cluster.

Chapter 4: Set-Up and Installation

Learn how Cloudera Manager interacts with the database, works with hosts, and deals with services and instances.

Chapter 5: Managing the Entire Cluster

Cloudera Manager improves the HDFS administration experience. Learn how to administrate hosts, services, and instances and make configuration changes.

Chapter 6: The Hadoop Ecosystem

Explore the ensemble of Apache projects Cloudera Manager supports and the benefits it derives from Oozie, MR2/YARN, ZooKeeper, HBase, and Hue.

Chapter 7: Events, Monitoring, and Reporting

What monitoring and reporting can be done on the Hadoop cluster? Understand how Cloudera Manager deals with and displays events.

Chapter 8: User Authentication, Administration, and Security

Learn how Cloudera Manager improves user oversight in Hadoop and Hue.

Chapter 9: Advanced Features

This episode presents uses of the Cloudera Manager API, methods for running multiple clusters, and customer support.

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