Data Science Challenge

Solve Real-World Problems Faced by Top Data Scientists

In the challenge portion of CCP:DS, candidates compete against each other and against a benchmark set by a committee including some of the world's elite data scientists. Participants who surpass evaluation benchmarks receive the CCP: Data Scientist credential.

Prerequisite: Data Science Essentials (DS-200)
Schedule: Twice per year
Duration: Three months from launch date
Current Challenge Dates: October 21, 2014 through January 21, 2015
Language: English
Price: USD $600

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Pre-Test Details

Current Challenge

Online Travel Services, Digital Advertising, Social Networks

The Fall 2014 Data Science Challenge incorporates three independent problems derived from real-world scenarios and data sets. Each problem has its own data, can be solved independently, and should take you no longer than eight hours to complete. The Fall 2014 Challenge includes problems dealing with online travel services, digital advertising, and social networks. You are welcome to use whatever tools you like to complete the Challenge. While using Cloudera technologies is not a requirement, you will find that big data technologies such as Hadoop more easily accommodate the scale of the data sets than more traditional tools.

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Challenge Rules

Individual Contributions Only
You must participate in this challenge only on an individual basis; teams are not permitted.

Any sharing of code or solutions or collaboration with another person or entity is strictly forbidden.

You may use any tools or software you desire to complete the challenge.