Cloudera and SAS

SAS and Cloudera enable customers to achieve competitive advantage by gaining value from all of their data, through a proven combination of enterprise-ready storage, processing, analytics and management for Big Data.

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Prepare, explore, and visualize data faster than ever. Build predictive models natively in Hadoop.

As a leader in data management and analytics, SAS helps you unlock the value of data stored your enterprise data hub (EDH) so you can make better decisions faster. With SAS, you can access and integrate data from Cloudera’s EDH offering, push SAS processing in the Hadoop cluster, or lift data into memory and perform highly scalable, distributed computing. And now you can explore the possibilities of SAS software and Cloudera QuickStart VMs for free.

Free Trial

SAS Data Loader for Hadoop eliminates the complexities of writing MapReduce code, with a simple, point-and-click interface that empowers business analysts to prepare, integrate and cleanse big data faster and easier than ever. In addition, data scientists and programmers can run SAS code on Hadoop in parallel for better performance and greater productivity.

Get Started with SAS Data Loader for Hadoop

  1. Download and install Cloudera QuickStart VM for CDH 5.3x.
  2. Download and install either VMware Player 6.0 or later (for Windows) or VMware Fusion for OS X 6.0 (for Mac).
  3. Download and install your 90-day free trial of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop.


About SAS

SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. SAS helps organizations anticipate business opportunities, empower action and drive impact through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into meaningful information. More information about SAS can be found at