Cloudera and Pentaho - Your Competitive Edge

With Pentaho and Cloudera, organizations get a comprehensive view of data across the enterprise. Optimized for Cloudera Enterprise, and Cloudera's Enterprise Data Hub, Pentaho's Big Data Integration and Analytics platform gives organizations a competitive edge in a data-driven enterprise. Pentaho and Cloudera collaborated early to address the big data market and early customer use cases. This early lead and an open platform enabled Pentaho to offer deep integration with Impala and YARN, optimizing performance and access to Cloudera's Enterprise Data Hub. Pentaho's visual drag and drop integration tools eliminate coding to maximize existing developer resources and minimize complexity. In combination with Pentaho's data integration engine's unique ability to run directly in-cluster Pentaho makes time to big data value 15X faster.

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About Pentaho

Pentaho is delivering the future of business analytics continually innovating a modern, integrated, embeddable platform that tightly couples data integration and business analytics to meet diverse and big data requirements. Pentaho unites the big data integration process with complete analytics, from reporting and ad hoc discovery to predictive analytics. With support for all of the leading Hadoop distributions, NoSQL databases and high performance analytic databases, Pentaho provides the broadest support for big data analytics, as well as integration and orchestration of big data and traditional sources.

The Pentaho platform provides Hadoop with:

  • Reduced implementation time – Pentaho’s visual development studio improves productivity typically 15x for data ingestion and preparation.
  • Leverages existing skill sets – Eliminates the need for highly specialized Hadoop MapReduce or Pig development skills. Anyone with basic RDBMS and ETL tools experience can now use Hadoop.
  • Complete business analytics and data integration platform for Hadoop – Appeals to business users, business analysts, data scientists, as well as IT developers.
  • Integrates Hadoop with the existing data fabric – Pentaho automatically connects Hadoop to RDBMS, NoSQL and enterprise applications, including visula development support for Hadoop's Sqoop SQL data load and Oozie workflow components.
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