Enterprise Data Hub for Telecommunications

Service providers are among the biggest aggregators of data under constantly changing market, technology, and regulatory conditions. Today's leading telecommunications providers have turned to Apache Hadoop to keep pace with these massive volumes of data. With an Enterprise Data Hub from Cloudera, telecoms can securely sync user, network, device, business, and social data to drive customer intimacy, lower costs and accelerate innovation.

Mobile Data to grow 10x by 2019 to reach 24 Exabytes per month

Communication Service Provider CAPEX over 2014-2019 period will surpass $2 Trillion

Global Telecommunication companies will lose $366 Billion in revenues to OTT players

Three of the top five mobile providers run on Cloudera


Customer Profile: SFR

SFR is optimizing the customer journey through the use of an integrated Big Data ecosystem that combines a Cloudera-powered enterprise data hub (EDH) with an enterprise data warehouse (EDW).

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Customer 360

Continuously enrich data across all platforms and channels for a true 360-degree view of the customer. Enable a higher share of the wallet by delivering a better customer experience and product personalization. Build predictive models that reveal leading indicators of churn, saving billions in lost revenues.


Network Optimization

Bandwidth demand is growing 60% per year, leaving operators increasingly susceptible to effectively respond to spikes. With an enterprise data hub, gain a real-time view to allocate network resources more efficiently, build predictive capacity models, and adopt a next-best-investment approach.

Partner Brief: Capgemini and Cloudera Deliver Big Data Network Optimization

Press Release: Telkomsel

Data Monetization

Telcos have a rich and diverse source of insight into context-specific behaviors, customer preferences, and online interactions. Build revenue-generating analytics-as-a-service and information brokerage capabilities on a platform of complete data security and governance.

Case Study: Nokia: Using Big Data to Bridge the Virtual and Physical Worlds

Video: Nokia: Using Big Data to Bridge the Virtual and Physical Worlds

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