3 of the top 5 telecommunications and mobile providers run Cloudera.

Communications service providers are some of the biggest collectors of data today. Cell phones have evolved into mobile devices that literally serve as consumers' personal assistants and sidekicks. Each of their many functions generates its own, constant stream of multi-structured data, and all of that data must be efficiently captured, processed and analyzed.

Today's leading telecommunications providers have turned to Apache Hadoop to keep pace with these massive volumes of data, and Cloudera helps them efficiently deploy Hadoop in mission-critical applications. With Cloudera, companies can reduce their infrastructure costs while maximizing average-revenue-per-user and preventing churn.


Customer Churn Prevention

In traditional environments, customer information is captured in different systems and combining it quickly and efficiently for analysis is very difficult. That's why today's top telecommunications companies have turned to Cloudera to help deploy Big Data systems enabling large-scale data processing and analysis. This lets them address customer satisfaction issues as they arise and take preventative action to keep customers happy.

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Network Capacity Trending & Management

With network data volumes on the rise, it is imperative for telecom companies to keep a close watch on their networks to keep them functioning at peak performance, which is the key to retaining customers. Relying on data samples or aggregations isn't an option.

Hadoop is the only system that can scale to accommodate these data volumes at a reasonable cost. Cloudera's Platform for Big Data allows telecommunications providers to run mission-critical Hadoop environments with peace of mind.

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Product Research & Development

Today's mobile devices produce a steady and voluminous stream of machine-generated data, which traditional R&D infrastructures cannot effectively capture and process. Hadoop's scalable, massively parallel infrastructure is the perfect solution, and it's incredibly cost effective because Hadoop runs on industry-standard hardware. Cloudera makes it possible for technology companies to build mission-critical R&D data management platforms on Hadoop.

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