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3 of the top 5 retailers run Cloudera

The Big Data revolution presents both challenge and opportunity to retailers. Thanks to the internet, smaller, up-and coming retailers can eliminate traditional upfront costs associated with real estate, inventory, and staffing, and larger, existing retailers can open new sales channels to expand their reach. Either way, retailers need a scalable data management system that will help effectively integrate online and offline data so they can better understand customers and optimize operational efficiencies.

Leading retailers are turning to Cloudera to connect disparate data and make it possible to process and analyze multi-structured data from all sources.


360-Degree Customer View

Retail data is often stored in silos, so it's difficult to correlate data about customer purchases, marketing campaign results, and online browsing behavior. The retailers that figure out how to bring all that information together into a single, multi-channel view will come out on top.

Cloudera makes it easier for retailers to integrate online and offline customer data for a 360-degree view of each customer.

DataSift: Allowing Enterprises to Benefit from Social Data Using Hadoop.  Watch the video.

Loyalty Program Management

The internet has made it easy for consumers to search for a particular product and find the lowest price available instead of basing purchase decisions on store preference, brand or locality. But by harnessing Big Data to offer focused, relevant promotions and to engage in social interactions with customers, today's retailers can establish strong customer loyalty. 

Hadoop provides a scalable, cost-effective platform that can easily ingest multi-structured data, and Cloudera ensures its successful adoption and ongoing deployment.


Merchandising & Supply Chain Analysis

Traditionally, retailers with multiple stores use a data model to forecast overall demand for each SKU and distribute that inventory between stores. But this methodology doesn't take into account detailed information such as geography, demographics, local trends and events.

Today's leading retailers are leveraging Big Data to capture store-level transaction data over long periods of history to drive more accurate merchandising and supply chain decisions at the store level. They rely on Cloudera's open-source Hadoop distribution, management software and expert support to implement an effective Big Data platform.

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DataSift: Allowing Enterprises to Benefit from Social Data Using Hadoop.

Watch the Video

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Connexity's Big Data environment supports online price comparison services, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, merchandising, audience scoring, and data science.

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