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3 of the top 5 media companies run Cloudera.

Apache Hadoop technology was born from the needs of large-scale web companies like Google and Yahoo! to efficiently store and process massive volumes of digital data in near real time. The open-source platform was quickly adopted by other web giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn and eBay.

Today, Hadoop is recognized as a staple in the businesses of media, gaming and entertainment. In fact, many of these organizations have bet their businesses on Hadoop by deploying the system as their core data hub. Those same companies rely on Cloudera as their partner to ensure smooth deployment, ongoing success and 24x7 reliability of their Hadoop systems.


Search & Recommendation Optimization

Companies that are successful at aligning search results with what their users are actually looking for will achieve greater success through more satisfied users. Similarly, if web companies can detect web browsing patterns and correlated relationships, they can make more accurate recommendations.

Hadoop's ability to ingest and analyze the digital data exhaust generated by users' web behaviors at low cost has made it the de facto data management standard for media companies. These companies rely on Cloudera to keep their mission-critical Hadoop infrastructures running around the clock at peak performance.

Large search, media and advertising company shifts the center of gravity for data management to Cloudera. Read the success story.

User Engagement & Digital Content Analysis

In the world of media and entertainment, the longer you can keep your customers engaged, the more successful you'll be. If companies can harness the data from today’s "digital fire hose," they are better equipped to tailor services to their clients at a personal level. 

Cloudera allows media and entertainment companies to track user interactions across systems and channels in real time — to personalize the user experience, improve website stickiness and increase customer loyalty.

Epsilon implements a Cloudera enterprise data hub to gain meaningful insights into customers’ brand engagement. Read the press release.

Experian: Transforming the Marketing Landscape with Cloudera.  View the success story.

Ad/Offer Targeting

Advertising campaigns in the digital space can be monitored, measured and tweaked in real time to optimize response and maximize ROI. It's no wonder that Hadoop has taken the industry by storm, offering a fast, flexible, scalable and low-cost platform. And companies that have made a business of online advertising — from agencies to media buying platforms to ad exchanges to publishers — trust Cloudera to ensure their data management systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Digital advertiser delivers 300% better marketing campaign performance with Big Data expertise. Read the case study.
Tubular Labs: Accelerating YouTube audience growth with a Cloudera data hub. Watch the video.

Sentiment & Social Media Analysis

Companies that sift through social media and user-generated content (UGC) data to better understand customer sentiments can respond to those customers in a more personal manner, and establish strong customer loyalty. Hadoop provides a scalable, cost-effective platform that can easily ingest unstructured social media data, and Cloudera ensures successful adoption and ongoing deployment of Hadoop.

Tubular Labs built an enterprise data hub that reveals who is engaging with YouTube videos, when they are engaging, and how they are sharing them.

View the success story.

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