Energy & Utilities

4+ million homes save hundreds of millions of dollars on energy bills through power usage analytics enabled by Cloudera.

With the introduction of the smart grid, smart meters, and the inclusion of external factors such as weather data in energy consumption analysis, we're better positioned than ever to curb energy use. But traditional systems cannot keep pace with the volume, variety and velocity of energy-related data that needs to be ingested to make that goal possible.

Cloudera solves this problem by accommodating real-time data streams of multi-structured data in a scalable and cost-effective manner. That data can be stored long term and made available for speed-of-thought analysis.


Seismic Data Processing

Parallel processing systems make it more efficient to make sense of vast seismic data, and Apache Hadoop is the most cost-effective, scalable parallel processing system today. Cloudera helps energy and utilities companies deploy and manage seismic data processing solutions on Hadoop so they can ask bigger questions in order to find and maximize energy resources.

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Smart Meter Analytics

If the massive volumes of machine-generated data from smart meters can be captured for speed-of-thought analysis and efficient long-term storage, utilities can use that data to detect patterns and make recommendations to customers. The end result: more efficient energy distribution and improved customer relationships. 

Cloudera offers the most cost-effective platform to store, process and flexibly analyze massive volumes of multi-structured data.

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Opower Uses Big Data to Help Consumers Save $320 Million in Utility Bills. Learn More
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Featured Solution Brief

Machine-Generated Data Creates New Opportunities for Utilities, Mobile & Broadcast Networks.  Learn More
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