Extend Your Enterprise Security with an Enterprise Data Hub

Threat detection and deterrence is a big deal for every enterprise. Protecting key systems and data assets is a significant undertaking that if taken lightly, can have costly side effects. It’s been estimated that the average data breach for an enterprise is around $4M USD. Add to that the potential negative impact on your corporate brand and it’s easy to see why this is such an important investment area for organizations both large and small.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of solutions available in the market today that help address security head-on. By providing capabilities for detection, investigation and analysis, security information and event monitoring (SIEM) solutions offer up an insurance policy for your enterprise. With threats ever evolving though, there’s constant pressure for these solutions to change and adapt so as to stay one step ahead of a potential incident. To this end, enterprises are looking to harness all the data available to them for better identification and prevention. However, this presents a few problems:

  • Limitations in storage results in meaningful data often being archived so it’s inaccessible or takes too long to recover
  • Increasingly complex data set makes it difficult to search through it in support of data forensics
  • Compliance exposures without an easy way to report on the use of all data

Whether it’s prevention, forensics or ongoing analytics, these problems can often be addressed by leveraging complementary solutions and an enterprise data hub (EDH) using Cloudera Enterprise has emerged as one choice. Powered by Apache Hadoop™ at the core, Cloudera’s unique approach allows organizations to rethink how they approach security, putting all data to use to better predict and prevent attacks. With Cloudera Enterprise as your EDH, you can transform your SIEM strategy and:

  • Strengthen security policies by making all data accessible for data forensics
  • Meet compliance requests without costly and time consuming archiving and recovery
  • Better predict potential threats by using all data for ongoing analysis

An enterprise data hub with Cloudera helps you extend your enterprise security investment and further protect your business from unwanted threats. Learn more about how you can get started on a journey to an EDH today.