Extend Your Data Warehouse with an Enterprise Data Hub

"Our Cloudera environment is the heart that's pumping data out to the rest of the organization." – Matthew Mobley, Merkle
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Over the years, the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has become a stalwart application for any organization looking to implement business intelligence and operational reporting. Based on relational database (RBDMS) technology and designed with performance and governance in mind, an EDW provides a single place to aggregate large sets of transaction data and serve it up to business users in support of key decision making processes. Unfortunately, the requirements for organizations with intensive analytic performance demands have changed, particularly as they look to uncover insight from unstructured data or rapidly increasing volumes of data.

Many have tried to retrofit their existing systems but those efforts have yielded limited results. What these organizations quickly learn is that these traditional systems aren’t designed to handle all data and as such, run into a number of challenges, including:

  • Data integration processing windows come under pressure as data volumes grow
  • EDW performance degrades as it becomes a processing engine for long running data integration processes, frustrating business analysts
  • Business users make copies of data as they strive for self-service business intelligence and are constantly waiting for queries to complete
  • There’s not enough room to store ample historical data, resulting in an incomplete view of past performance and potential risk and compliance exposures

This chain of events ultimately leads to EDW costs spiraling out of control as organizations throw more resources at the problem -- It doesn’t have to be this way.

Many organizations are using Cloudera to implement an enterprise data hub (EDH) to complement their data warehouse to optimize their existing investments, reduce costs, and deliver new business value from data. An EDH is a single place to store, process, and analyze all your data -- regardless of structure -- such that you can unlock analytics across the enterprise like never before. With an EDH along side your data warehousing, you can:

  • Streamline data integration processing, by offloading transformations and improving performance, thus reducing costs
  • Enable self-service business intelligence, using the tools you already have, directly on the data set in the EDH, reducing time to insight and shortening the BI backlog
  • Avoid excessive copies of data being made, reducing data security concerns
  • Deliver new value from more data and ever before, all on one platform, without moving data

Powered by Apache Hadoop™ at the core, an enterprise data hub with Cloudera is quickly becoming the de facto addition for analytics in the age of big data. With capabilities like fine grained security, backup and recovery and data governance, Cloudera Enterprise offers all you need to take your EDW to the next level with confidence.