Extend Your Advanced Analytics with an Enterprise Data Hub

Advanced analytics, the science of turning data into information, is becoming critically important in business decision-making across industries, as the ability to anticipate and be prepared for change is imperative to the success of any organization. Yet the field of advanced analytics is still nascent and most organizations are not well equipped to make the most of it.

With all the data captured today by the Internet of Things, organizations want to use more data and a larger variety of data to increase competitive edge and reduce costs. However, analytical processes that were built atop traditional data warehousing systems are now experiencing a few constraints, in addition to the common challenges of managing an enterprise data warehouse (EDW):

  • Data access is limited to structured, internal data only
  • Data discovery process is long and costly
  • Data silos challenge data security, manageability, and collaboration

Cloudera’s enterprise data hub, delivered through Cloudera Enterprise, is a single place to store, process, and analyze all your data – regardless of structure – such that you can unlock analytics across the organization like never before.

Use All Your Data

Cloudera Enterprise allows you to work with more data and more types of data in real-time leveraging existing tools and skillsets. With its unified storage and management architecture, the EDH reduces the need to limit, sample, or move large datasets, delivering more precise results and better lift from your models. For IT and infrastructure teams, having a common security, metadata, and governance framework lessen the amount of work and reduces costs involved with managing silos departmental data marts.

Shorten Analytics Lifecycle

As part of Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Search, shortens the data exploration and discovery phase and compresses the cycle time from data to insight from weeks to days or even real-time. Cloudera Enterprise provides a single interface to find out what data is available, where it comes from, and how it is structured, so you can use your data effectively and securely. In addition, Cloudera Enterprise allows you to quickly add new data without having to model it up-front and enable you to define, test, deploy, and update models all within your enterprise data hub.

Do More with Data

Cloudera Enterprise delivers multi-genre analytics in a single platform by applying diverse concurrent analytics workloads to your datasets in-place, including interactive SQL, machine learning (SAS, R, Mahout, etc.), search, custom in-memory programming, and more. You can simply keep using your existing tools that are certified on this open platform.

With Apache Hadoop™ at its core, Cloudera Enterprise has become the de facto standard for analytics in the age of big data. As Cloudera Enterprise makes it possible to cost-effectively retain data for decades, its open-sourced core ensures that no one can hold the data or applications hostage. An open platform ensures that you have a choice of what tools to use with the Cloudera Enterprise, for example over 200 partner software products that work with Cloudera today, protecting your existing technology and skillset investments.

As the ultimate unified data management platform, Cloudera Enterprise brings compute, people, and applications to the data, offering all you need to become an information-driven organization.