Introduction to Designing and Building Big Data Applications

Learn what the course covers, from capturing data to building a search interface; the spectrum of processing engines, Apache projects, and ecosystem tools available for converged analytics; who is best suited to attend the course and what prior knowledge you should have; and the benefits of building applications with an enterprise data hub.

Date: Thursday, Apr 24 2014


The most successful Big Data engineers have expanded beyond MapReduce to analyze and solve real-world problems using the broader set of tools in an enterprise data hub. By developing end-to-end applications that incorporate multiple tools from the Hadoop ecosystem, leverage the Kite SDK, allow customization via user-defined functions, and integrate a user interface with Hue, developers are now building solutions that are highly relevant to the business. Cloudera’s new four-day training course prepares you to work through the entire process of designing and building solutions, including ingesting data, determining the appropriate file format for storage, processing the stored data, and presenting the results to the end-user in an easy-to-digest form.

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