HBaseCon 2013 | General Session with Aaron Kimball

Aaron Kimball, Chief Architect of WibiData shares his thoughts and insights on the evolution of the HBase community and technology over the previous few years and where it is going. He also dives deeper in explaining the system that is helping organizations build big data applications on top of HBase today.

Date: Thursday, Jun 13 2013


Today, HBase stands as Apache Hadoop did years ago, a project with a growing and vibrant community in its own right. In this talk, WibiData Chief Architect Aaron Kimball overviews some of the projects built on top of HBase that you’ll get a chance to learn about during the day – each of these projects having grown out of a need to use HBase for an application that requires real-time atomic access to data. As an example, he’ll present the motivations for Kiji and how it is helping organizations create amazing new applications using HBase and Hadoop.

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