Persado Supports Marketing Language Engineering with Data Analyst Training

Cloudera’s tailored private training was a perfect fit for Persado’s objectives and provided the most cost-effective option to building a team that could effectively accomplish their business goals and strategies.

Date: Tuesday, Oct 01 2013


Persado is the pioneer and global leader in Marketing Language Engineering. Persado ensures brands are delivering the most effective marketing message to their target audience at every digital interaction by utilizing a systematic methodology, employing math, computational linguistics, and Big Data.

In 2010, Persado’s development team, led by Christos Soulios, began the process of migrating the incumbent relational database management system (RDBMS) to a NoSQL environment. As Persado's analytics and reporting needs became more sophisticated, the team eventually needed to decouple the online analytical processing (OLAP) system into a technology stack of its own. Soulios identified Apache Hadoop as the right solution to collect, aggregate, and process data from heterogeneous sources like MongoDB, MySQL config servers, and Apache logs that were being populated in the form of structured and semi-structured files within Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 buckets using libraries built on Apache Kafka and Apache ZooKeeper.