RTD Subscription

Real-time Delivery with Apache HBase


The RTD (Real-time Delivery) subscription is an add-on to Cloudera Enterprise and includes technical support, indemnity and open source advocacy for Apache HBase. HBase is a distributed, scalable, NoSQL database built on Apache Hadoop, and a key component of CDH.

HBase allows you to:

  • Store data in massive tables (billions of rows / millions of columns)
  • Serve data to many users and applications in real time
  • Provide fast, random read/write access to users and applications

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The Best Way to Leverage Apache HBase

When you add RTD to your Cloudera Enterprise subscription, you can take advantage of our market-leading technical support for HBase as well as actively influence the development of the project.

No other vendor can support your HBase deployment like Cloudera. Not only does Michael Stack, the chair of the Apache HBase Project Management Committee, work at Cloudera, he has led its development since 2007.

RTD Includes:

  • 8x5 or 24x7 Cloudera Support for Apache HBase
  • Full indemnification for use of HBase
  • Advocacy within the HBase community to drive roadmap decisions

Other Subscriptions

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