Hadoop Security Integration

Implement a Custom Security and Compliance Plan

Hadoop provides a mechanism for storing vast amounts of data that enable new workloads and user interactions. Securing this data is paramount for success in an enterprise environment. As every implementation is different, every use case requires a specific security program that ensures administrative governance and regulatory compliance. Cloudera will customize a security architecture to meet industry-specific requirements and enable strong authentication, authorization, data access, audit, and data governance for your Big Data solution.

A typical Hadoop Security Integration engagement lasts two weeks and consists of the following activities:

  • Review security requirements and provide an overview of data security policies
  • Audit architecture and current systems in light of security policies and best practices
  • Custom tailor a security reference architecture
  • Optimize OS and Java to take advantage of hardware-based crypto-acceleration, when available
  • Install and configure Kerberos with a local MIT Kerberos KDC or integrate with Active Directory
  • Install and configure Sentry and Cloudera Navigator (license required)
  • Install and configure Navigator Encrypt and Key Trustee with an HSM root of trust, when available
  • Review fine-grain permissions on sample data using Sentry
  • Review audit and lineage on sample data using Navigator
  • Use Cloudera Manager and Hue to review security integration for users and administrators

Security White Paper

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