Predictive and Proactive Support

Minimize Performance Issues Before they Occur

Your data is a strategic asset, and your success relies on the performance and reliability of your Hadoop cluster at the center of an enterprise data hub. In addition to leading SLA-based technical support, Cloudera Enterprise includes the industry’s only predictive and proactive support capabilities.

Full Lifecycle Support. Cloudera’s dedicated Proactive Support unit ensures customers are prepared to benefit from every element of their subscription starting on day one. The onboarding process scopes technical assistance to customer requirements, introduces key product documentation and community resources, and assures you can take full advantage of the online support portal to meet your business goals. Proactive Support also includes reviewing configurations for known issues and providing comparisons of usage patterns to help enhance your operations and plan for future changes.

Big Data at Your Service. Only Cloudera Enterprise customers benefit from top performance based on analysis of tens of thousands of nodes under subscription. Cloudera’s Predictive Support model gathers longitudinal data from across deployments in our own Hadoop instance, captures insights from ongoing support case exploration, and pairs it with the state-of-the-art from the global community of Apache committers to help customers minimize downstream issues before they even occur. 

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Key Components of Proactive Support

  • Onboarding and support systems access
  • License key provisioning
  • Reporting on platform usage
  • Longitudinal performance analysis
  • Prepare support team for customer upgrades
  • Review configurations for known issues

Key Benefits of Proactive Support

  • Hit the ground running with specific success criteria
  • Understand the toolkit of support resources
  • Optimize utilization according to comparative analysis
  • Maximize your own performance and reliability
  • Act on early warning of potential support concerns
  • Avoid common cluster misconfigurations