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Cloudera Live is the fastest and easiest way to get started with Apache Hadoop and it now includes self­-guided, interactive demos and tutorials. With a one-­button deployment option, you can spin up a four-­node cluster of CDH, Cloudera’s open source Hadoop platform, within minutes. This free, cloud­-based Hadoop environment lets you:

  • Learn the basics of Hadoop (and CDH) through pre-­loaded, hands-­on tutorials
  • Plan your Hadoop project using your own datasets
  • Explore the latest features in CDH
  • Extend the capabilities of Hadoop and CDH through familiar partner tools, including Tableau, Zoomdata, and Trifacta

Get started now with any of the deployment options below:

These four-node deployments are hosted on GoGrid, free, for 14 days. Please note that when you select an environment, you will be redirected to GoGrid’s site to begin registration and start your deployment. Your free GoGrid trial only includes the pre-configured Cloudera Cluster. Any additional machines or services that you request via the GoGrid portal may result in charges to your GoGrid account. At the end of the trial, you will have the option to continue testing from your account.

Easily deploy and manage your Hadoop cluster using Cloudera Manager, while exploring the full functionality of CDH. Complete with Hue, the open source Hadoop user interface, you can analyze, search, and visualize pre­loaded data sets or load in your own data to get started.

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Already using Tableau or interested in trying it out? This environment offers the full functionality of CDH, along with an integrated trial of Tableau. Tableau makes it easy to perform sophisticated visual analysis on top of CDH, without having to write any code.

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Already using Zoomdata or interested in their real­-time analytics platform? This environment offers the full functionality of CDH, along with an integrated trial of Zoomdata. Zoomdata works to make big data simple, useful, and accessible by leveraging Cloudera Impala and Search.

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Interested in using Trifacta to wrangle the variety of complex data in your Hadoop cluster? This environment offers the full functionality of CDH, along with an integrated trial of the Trifacta Data Transformation Platform. Trifacta dramatically improves the productivity of transforming raw data in your Cloudera cluster into clean, structured formats for analysis.

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Not Ready for a Full Trial?

In addition to the interactive demo environment, we also offer a read-­only version of a pre­-deployed CDH. This Hue­-guided environment lets you explore real­-world examples to introduce you to CDH, where you will:

  • Learn Hue, the open source Hadoop user interface developed by Cloudera
  • Query data using popular projects including Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Impala, Apache Solr, and Apache Spark
  • Design workflows using Apache Oozie

The read-­only demo environment is hosted on and sessions will last for three hours at a time.

No downloads, no installations, no waiting.

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Test in Your Own Environment

The Cloudera QuickStart VM is also available for those who would rather test workloads in their own environment, and has recently been reconfigured to make it even more lightweight. This is a great option for testing new releases or developing your workloads.