Cloudera Express

The Best Way to Get Started with Hadoop

Cloudera Express is a free download that combines CDH, Cloudera’s 100% open source and enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop with Cloudera Manager, which provides robust cluster management capabilities like automated deployment, centralized administration, monitoring, and diagnostic tools.

Cloudera Express gives you everything you need to get started with Hadoop. With Cloudera Express, you get a fully capable platform that’s optimized to help you demonstrate the value of the technology.

Whether you are evaluating Hadoop to accelerate data processing, optimize the performance of your data warehouse, or perform new types of analysis on data sets that were previously out of reach, Cloudera Express is your key to successfully deploying Hadoop to solve your first use cases.

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Software Distribution – CDH

At the core of Cloudera Express is CDH, which combines Apache Hadoop with a number of other open source projects to create a single, massively scalable system where you can unite storage with an array of powerful processing and analytic frameworks and start building your enterprise data hub. Learn More »

Cloudera Manager for Cluster Management

Cloudera Express includes Cloudera Manager to help you easily deploy, manage, monitor and perform diagnostics on your cluster. Cloudera Manager makes Hadoop administration simple and straightforward so you can focus on meeting business objectives rather than operating your cluster. Learn More »

Key Benefits of Cloudera Express

  • Powerful – Store, process and analyze all your data to drive competitive advantage
  • Efficient – Unify your compute and data to improve operational efficiency
  • Open – Build with the world’s most popular and comprehensive open source software distribution
  • Simple – Ease your deployment and operations with centralized administration
  • Compatible – Leverage your existing investments for rapid adoption and low TCO
  • Economical – Improve your cost efficiency by up to 90% compared to traditional solutions

Upgrade to Cloudera Enterprise for Advanced Capabilities

Cloudera Express gives you everything you need to evaluate Hadoop, and when you are looking to operate the technology as a strategic part of the data management infrastructure, you have a clear upgrade path to Cloudera Enterprise. Cloudera Enterprise gives you everything in Cloudera Express plus support and a number of additional system and data management components that are critical for becoming a truly information-driven enterprise.
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