Cloudera Navigator

Comprehensive Data Management for Cloudera Enterprise


Cloudera Navigator is the first fully integrated data management application for Apache Hadoop-based systems. It's designed to provide all of the capabilities required for administrators, data managers and analysts to secure, govern and explore the large amounts of diverse data that land in Hadoop.

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As Hadoop deployments scale and data proliferates, the complexity around data management grows. More data from different sources gets loaded into the system. It has varying structures, schemas, access patterns and security restrictions. At the same time, there are different users that need to interact with the data in different ways. Administrators need to ensure that users have correct access and that security is properly enabled; data managers need to perform governance and audits of the system for regulatory compliance; and analysts, data scientists, and other users need an easy way to find out what data is available to them, where it came from and what it looks like in order to use it effectively to gain insights that drive decisions. Cloudera Navigator is designed to address these challenges.

Capabilities of Cloudera Navigator

  • Data Audit and Access Control – Verify appropriate user/group permissions and report on data access for files (HDFS), records (HBase) and metadata (Hive)
  • Discovery and Exploration  – Find out what data is available and how it’s structured so that you can use it effectively
  • Lineage – Trace the progression of data sets back to their original sources to verify reliability of results
  • Lifecycle Management  – Ensure the correct placement and retention of data based on value or policies

Get Navigator with Cloudera Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise is the best way to fully realize the benefits of data governance and discoverability in a production environment. When you deploy Navigator as part of Cloudera Enterprise Flex or Data Hub Edition, you will be able to move forward with business-critical projects knowing that you have the industry’s most experienced and expert support team just a call away. With Cloudera Enterprise featuring Navigator, you will also benefit from automatic updates to crucial data security and auditability capabilities and the ability to influence future releases.

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