Cloudera Search

Open Source, Interactive Search for your Enterprise Data Hub

Cloudera Search brings full-text, interactive search and scalable, flexible indexing to CDH and your enterprise data hub. Powered by Apache Hadoop and Apache Solr, the enterprise standard for open source search, Cloudera Search brings scale and reliability for a new generation of integrated, multi-workload search. Through its unique integrations with CDH, Cloudera Search gains the same fault tolerance, scale, visibility, security, and flexibility provided to other enterprise data hub workloads.

Key Benefits

Get Answers Quickly

User-friendly, interactive search and navigated drill-down help business audiences find relevant data across large, disparate data stores with mixed formats and structures.

Accelerate Data Exploration

With Cloudera Search, users are free to examine vast amounts of content and attributes and discover the hidden correlations between the data points in real time. Faceted navigation surfaces these content attributes to assist and guide users as they explore data – users can discover the “shape of data” quickly and easily and expedite data modeling and result exploration. Cloudera Search, powered by Solr’s standard APIs, also allows you to express your queries through natural language, logical operators, and even advanced regular expressions. With capabilities like “fuzzy” matching expressions, you can open the door to “find similar” results and document groupings that can accelerate efforts to connect data points.

Use Familiar Tools

Cloudera Search expands the user base of your enterprise data hub (EDH) by offering non-technical users a common, intuitive method for accessing and querying data stored in the EDH, while simultaneously allowing the same data to be used for other advanced workloads – without costly data movement and within the same integrated infrastructure.

Improve Efficiency

Sharing source data across multiple computing frameworks in the same enterprise data hub -- including Search -- lets you consolidate data silos and minimize the expense and problems with data movement and replication management common to traditional, standalone computing environments.

Streamline Operations

Building your search capabilities on a single, centrally managed infrastructure like an enterprise data hub provides you with optimal efficiency and control during deployment, provisioning, and monitoring.

Key Features

  • Full-text search and faceted navigation on HDFS and Apache HBase content
  • Batch indexing at scale and on-demand via Apache MapReduce
  • Dynamic index updates via GO-LIVE
  • Integration with Apache Flume and Lily HBase Indexer for near real-time (NRT) indexing
  • Schema-less and dynamic field support for simplified schema management
  • Out-of-the-box field extraction of Hadoop-optimized file formats
  • Multi-file format support and aggregation capabilities
  • Scalable and fault-tolerant index storage and access via HDFS
  • Integration with Apache Sentry (incubating) for role-based, fine-grained authorization
  • Reusable data configuration across workloads via Morphlines
  • Shared infrastructure, resources, and data with other Hadoop services
  • Easy data migration and simple serving via Index Aliasing and Oozie workflows
  • Simple, configurable, faceted and full-text search UI in Hue
  • All standard search features of Solr and SolrCloud
  • Cross-platform monitoring, visibility, and resource control via Cloudera Manager

Maximize Your Search Efforts with Cloudera

Cloudera’s support, training, and services are the best way to get the most from Cloudera Search in production environments. You can support Cloudera Search in your enterprise data hub with Cloudera Enterprise Flex Edition or Data Hub Edition. Our presence and commitment in the search community and our vast expertise learned from countless customer production deployments are the foundations for the leadership and experience that you can rely on for all of your current and future search needs.

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