Cloudera Impala

The Leading Open Source Analytic Database for Apache Hadoop

Impala is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art analytic database architected specifically to leverage the flexibility and scalability strengths of Hadoop - combining the familiar SQL support and multi-user performance of a traditional analytic database with the rock-solid foundation of open source Apache Hadoop and the production-grade security and management extensions of Cloudera Enterprise.

Impala is an integrated part of a Cloudera enterprise data hub - taking advantage of the unified resource management, metadata, security, and system administration across multiple frameworks. It is the de facto standard for open source interactive business intelligence and data discovery - certified with the leading BI and analytic application vendors and supported broadly across the Hadoop ecosystem.

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Now You Have a Choice

Before Impala, if your relational database was at capacity, you may have had no choice but to expand that system to maintain your expectations of performance. If you were using Hadoop to affordably analyze any amount or kind of data, but wanted interactive performance, you had to move that data into a fast relational database. You then had to accept the cost and effort of duplicate storage and data synchronization; accept the rigidity of requiring fixed schemas; accept that when you moved and transformed data you would inevitably leave something behind; accept that your analysis options would be limited in that target database.

With Impala, you now have a choice. As a native component of the Hadoop ecosystem, Impala combines all of the benefits of other Hadoop frameworks, including flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, with the performance, usability, and SQL functionality necessary for an enterprise-grade analytic database.

The Benefits of Hadoop

...While Achieving Enterprise Requirements

Easily handles structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data with schema-on-read or schema-on-write capabilities for diverse analytics across all data in Hadoop
Extreme Performance
Industry-leading performance for both single- and multi-user concurrent workloads
Maintains low latency, interactive performance at Hadoop scale through querying data directly in Hadoop, without data movement or transformation
User-friendly data exploration and analysis with automated cost-based query optimization and the ability to utilize existing business intelligence tools
Supports high user concurrency through a single system, eliminating the need for a separate or multiple system(s)
Robust SQL-compliance to leverage familiar SQL skills, with additional vendor-specific extensions that go beyond standard SQL
Eliminates vendor lock-in with an open source Apache license and multi-vendor support
Integration with Hadoop and Cloudera security for simple Kerberos authentication and unified role-based authorization with Apache Sentry – all easily configured with Cloudera Manager

Customer Highlight

YouTube views can be a challenge, but Tubular Labs uses Impala to reveal who is engaging with YouTube videos, when they are engaging, and how they are sharing them.

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Get Support for Impala with Cloudera Enterprise

Cloudera Enterprise (powered by Hadoop) is a comprehensive data management platform with the flexibility and power to evolve with your business. Cloudera Enterprise is the best way to leverage the power of Impala in production environments. When you deploy Impala as part of Cloudera Enterprise, not only do you get the leading analytic database for Hadoop, but you also get access to the industry’s best support, comprehensive security and governance, and the ability to influence future releases.

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