AutoScout24 Boosts Performance by 10X with Cloudera


AutoScout24 represents one of the largest internet properties in Europe, serving more than 10 million users across 18 European countries every month, and almost 20 million users in Germany alone each year. The site provides an online marketplace for private customers, car dealers, and other organizations in the automotive space to share information about vehicles and to facilitate sales of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trucks, parts, and accessories.

More than 40,000 car dealers leverage the online marketplace, which drives more than 500,000 vehicle trades every month. AutoScout24 also sells advertising services to automotive manufacturers, dealers, and trading companies. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Scout24 Group, which is part of Deutsche Telekom AG.

"The team was impressed by the knowledge of CDH, deep insights, and system improvement ideas that the Cloudera solutions architect delivered."

Use Case

Cloudera serves as AutoScout24’s enterprise data hub (EDH), collecting and storing customer activity and weblog files from the website, and analyzing those log files directly on CDH. The results of the company’s Hadoop-powered analytics are then published in relational database management systems (RDBMS), which serve as back ends for the web platform.

AutoScout24’s Cloudera platform supports two main use cases.

  1. Consumer understanding: The organization is collecting and analyzing customer behavior across all its web pages. Based on the insight gleaned from this large-scale, historical weblog analysis, AutoScout24 adapts web page content, navigation, and ad placement to better suit customers’ needs while driving greater results to the dealers that advertise there.
  2. New product development: AutoScout24’s CDH-powered weblog analysis is driving the development of new products based on better understanding of customer interactions with the website. For example, the organization is building a recommendation engine product that will suggest cars that may be interesting to users based on their individual browsing history across the site.

AutoScout24 has about 40 systems in production today, 30 of which are dedicated to computing operations. The company processes 400 gigabytes (GB) of uncompressed log files per day.

Impact: 10X Faster Performance

The architecture optimizations that Cloudera delivered to AutoScout24’s environment resulted in two main benefits.

  • > Users have the ability to analyze months of data in a single query, whereas they were limited to a few days in a single query before.
  • > Hive performs 10X faster than before, and even faster when dealing with special tables or formats.

The team was impressed by the knowledge of CDH, deep insights, and system improvement ideas that the Cloudera solutions architect delivered. AutoScout24's enterprise data hub delivers better, faster and more comprehensive business visibility which allows the company to develop products that consumers care about, enhancing their experience and the efficacy of advertisements on the website.