Omneo’s Enterprise Data Hub Helps Manufacturers Save Millions


Today’s consumers have high expectations for the products we use on a daily basis, particularly when it comes to electronic devices. We want new products to come out faster, at lower prices, and with more capabilities than previous versions. But we also demand increased reliability with these products. Camstar Systems, a 30-year veteran in the enterprise manufacturing and supply chain space, saw this trend and identified an opportunity.

Omneo, a Division of Camstar, is addressing this with its supply chain cloud solution that runs on an enterprise data hub (EDH) from Cloudera. Based on conservative numbers from clients, Omneo estimates that its supply chain cloud solution has driven total annual operational savings between USD $15 and 25 million.


Omneo ingests machine-generated and existing system data from the manufacturing process, including clients’ own factory data in addition to data from their suppliers, field services, and after-market repair and re-manufacturing data. All of that data in its raw form is loaded into Cloudera, and from there it is transformed, contextualized, stored, and analyzed using various tools -- including MapReduce, HBase, and Cloudera Search -- to support different workloads.

“One of our customers has about 1.5 billion documents in the search engine, and we can search all that in seconds.”

Kathleen deValk, Senior Architect, Omneo, a Division of Camstar

Impact: Better Visibility, Better Products

Omneo’s supply chain product quality SaaS brings together data from end to end in the supply chain—from suppliers, manufacturing, equipment, field service, and repair/re-manufacturing operations—delivering a 360-degree view of the supply chain process in seconds.

“What the enterprise data hub gives us is this raw storage format which is fault tolerant, it’s redundant, and it’s reliable. On top of that, all the different technologies that make the Cloudera offering so nice is that you have your MapReduce framework, you have your Search framework, you have analytic storage frameworks, you have all these different components that make it possible now for us to build our industry-specific solution on top of it.”

Kathleen deValk, Senior Architect, Omneo, a Division of Camstar

Impact: $15 to $25 Million in Annual Operational Savings

The increased business visibility provided by Omneo’s solution means that problems can be identified and addressed as soon as they start occurring, and manufacturers can spend more time resolving challenges and less time trying to pinpoint them, which directly impacts the bottom line. Omneo’s clients report total annual savings between USD $15 and $25 million each conservatively, due to insights from its EDH.