Cloudera Product Webinars

Learn more about driving bigger business insights with the Cloudera Platform for Big Data.

Watch an on-demand webinar to learn more about the value provided by CDH, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Impala, and Cloudera Search for cyber security analysis, data warehouse optimization, and more.

Product Webinars

Hadoop in the Cloud

Let's look at why Hadoop cloud environments are becoming popular and some of the challenges around Hadoop in the cloud. We will then provide an in-depth overview of Cloudera Director, its key features, and how it alleviates these common challenges.

Comprehensive Security for the Enterprise

Learn how security in Hadoop is quickly changing, and what the key requirements are for taking Hadoop to the next level in your organization.

Impala 2.0 - The Best Analytic Database for Hadoop

Look at why SQL access in Hadoop is critical and the benefits of a native Hadoop analytic database. Additionally, we discuss what’s new with Impala 2.0 and some of the recent performance benchmarks. Finally, we share some common Impala use cases and production customer stories, and provide insight into what’s next for Impala.

Kite SDK: Working with Datasets

The Kite SDK is an open source set of libraries, tools, examples, and documentation focused on helping developers build systems on top of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. In this webinar, attendees will learn (via examples) how Kite makes it easier to work with data in HDFS and Apache HBase as records and datasets, just as you would with a relational database.

The Future of Hadoop: A deeper look at Apache Spark

During this webinar, Jai Ranganathan, Senior Director of Product Management, will discuss why Spark has experienced such wide adoption and provide a technical deep dive into the architecture. Additionally, he will present some use cases in production today. Finally, he’ll share our vision for the Hadoop ecosystem and why we believe Spark is the successor to MapReduce for Hadoop data processing.

6 ways to exploit Hive – and what to do about it

Hadoop without security can be a recipe for disaster. In this video, we'll cover six security problems with Apache Hive and how to deploy enterprise-grade security for Hadoop to address them.

From Hadoop to the EDH: A New Foundation for Modern Information Architecture

Tony Baer, Ovum Principal Analyst, explains how Hadoop has evolved from its niche origins at large Internet firms into a core component of modern information architecture.

Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse with Impala

Explore how Impala's architecture supports query speed over Hadoop data that not only convincingly exceeds that of Hive, but also that of a proprietary analytic DBMS over its own native columnar format.

Design Patterns for Large-Scale Real-Time Learning

Building a production-ready large-scale operational analytics system remains a difficult and ad-hoc endeavor, especially when real-time answers are required.

Introduction to YARN and MapReduce 2

As part of the recent release of Hadoop 2 by the Apache Software Foundation, YARN and MapReduce 2 deliver significant upgrades to scheduling, resource management, and execution in Hadoop.

Enterprise Data Hub: The Next Big Thing in Big Data

– Date: November 12, 2013
This year's Strata + Hadoop World was packed with Big Data practitioners across industries who shared their experiences and how they are driving new innovations like never before. Just because you weren't there, doesn't mean you missed out.

Cloudera Search: Big Data Search, Bigger Insights

– Date: June 19, 2013
Cloudera Search brings full-text, interactive search and scalable indexing to data in HDFS and Apache HBase. More

Powered by and adding to Apache Solr, Cloudera Search fully integrates with CDH to bring scale and reliability for next-generation, open source search — Big Data search.

Hadoop Operations: How to Secure and Control Cluster Access

– Date: September 18, 2013
Learn about the different aspects of securing a multi-tenant cluster, how to deploy a secure cluster, and about data asset security and control.

Cloudera Development Kit (CDK): Hadoop Application Development Made Easier

– Date: May 21, 2013
The CDK is both a framework and long-term initiative for documenting proven Hadoop development practices and providing helpful doc and APIs that will make Hadoop application development as easy as possible.