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Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse
Hadoop 101 for Enterprise Data Warehouse Professionals

Dr. Ralph Kimball and Cloudera's Matt Brandwein present Building a Hadoop Data Warehouse. Learn how Hadoop can be both a destination data warehouse, and also an efficient staging and ETL source for an existing data warehouse. Also learn how enterprise conformed dimensions can be used as the basis for integrating Hadoop and conventional data warehouses.

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Best Practices for the Hadoop Data Warehouse
EDW 101 for Hadoop Professionals

In a point-counterpoint format, Dr. Kimball will describe standard data warehouse best practices including the identification of dimensions and facts, managing primary keys, and handling slowly changing dimensions (SCDs) and conformed dimensions. Eli Collins, Chief Technologist at Cloudera, will describe how each of these practices actually can be implemented in Hadoop.

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Tech Lab Series: From Zero to Enterprise Data Hub
Locked and Loaded

This inaugural episode of Tech Lab from veteran Data Scientist, Dr. Geoffrey Malafsky, demonstrates how to lay the foundation for an enterprise data hub using Cloudera. As a former nanotechnologist for the US Navy, Malafsky outlines the critical success factors for designing, implementing and managing an enterprise data hub. In this first part of a three-part series, he shows how Cloudera can be used to load, process and normalize real-world disparate data, preparing it for use in both operational and analytical environments.

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Machine Learning Loves Hadoop

Topics we will cover during this webinar include:

  • What is machine learning?
  • Why should I use machine learning algorithms?
  • What are the common challenges of machine learning?
  • How does Cloudera’s enterprise data hub support machine learning?

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Compliance Ready Hadoop
Part I: Comprehensive Security for the Enterprise

Data security is no longer a checkbox in the IT or operations departments but a top business priority for most enterprises. As compliance pressures mount, the requirements and restrictions on data and data access come under increased scrutiny. Security in Hadoop is no exception. Join us to learn how security in Hadoop is quickly changing, and what the key requirements are for taking Hadoop to the next level in your organization.

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Part II: Guarding the Perimeter and Controlling Access

One of the benefits of Hadoop is that it easily allows for multiple entry points both for data flow and user access. Here we discuss how Cloudera allows you to preserve the agility of having multiple entry points while also providing strong, easy to manage authentication. Additionally, we discuss how Cloudera provides unified authorization to easily control access for multiple data processing engines.

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Part III: Protecting Data-At-Rest and In Motion

Learn how you can use Navigator capabilities such as Encrypt and Key Trustee to secure data and enable compliance. Additionally, we discuss our joint work with Intel on Project Rhino (an initiative to improve data security in Hadoop). Lastly, hear from a security architect at a financial services company that is using encryption and key management to meet financial regulatory requirements.

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Part IV: Visibility Through a Single End-to-End Governance Solution

To provide visibility and transparency into your data and usage, Cloudera Enterprise has Navigator, the only native end-to-end governance solution for Apache Hadoop. In this webinar we discuss why Navigator is a key part of comprehensive security and discuss its key features including: auditing, access control, data discovery and exploration, lineage, and lifecycle management. Live demo also included.

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Kite SDK: Working with Datasets

The Kite SDK is an open source set of libraries, tools, examples, and documentation focused on helping developers build systems on top of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. In this webinar, attendees will learn (via examples) how Kite makes it easier to work with data in HDFS and Apache HBase as records and datasets, just as you would with a relational database.

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Introduction to Hadoop Developer Training

Check out a portion of Cloudera's full Hadoop Developer Training, discussing the difference between New and Old APIs, why there are different APIs, and which you should use when writing your MapReduce code.

Introduction to Apache Spark Training

Learn what Apache Spark is and how it compares to Hadoop MapReduce, how to filter, map, reduce, and save Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs), who is best suited to attend the course and what prior knowledge you should have, and the benefits of building Spark applications as part of an enterprise data hub.

Intel and Cloudera: Accelerating Enterprise Big Data Success

Learn how Cloudera and Intel are jointly innovating through open source software to enable Hadoop to run best on IA (Intel Architecture) and to foster the evolution of a vibrant Big Data ecosystem.