Cloudera and Open Source

Apache Hadoop’s success is largely due to being an open source platform, thus a strong commitment to the open source community is a central and important part of Cloudera’s business.


Cloudera's Commitment to Open Source

  • CDH, Cloudera’s enterprise-ready distribution of Apache Hadoop and related projects, is 100% open source and Apache licensed. 
  • More than 50% of code produced by Cloudera is contributed upstream to open source projects via the many Cloudera engineers who serve as committers or contributors on those projects (see partial list below). 
  • More than 70% of Hadoop Stack-related issues assigned to distribution vendors are either closed or resolved by Cloudera committers.  
  • Cloudera employees were the founders of several important ecosystem projects, including Bigtop, Flume, Oozie, Whirr, Crunch (incubating), and Hadoop itself
  • Cloudera's chief architect Doug Cutting, founder of the Hadoop project, serves on the board, and is the current chairman, of the Apache Software Foundation.

Some Open Source Projects to Which Cloudera Contributes

  • Crepo (Project Founder)
  • Hadoop LZO
  • Htrace
  • Hue (Project Founder)
  • Impala (Project Founder)
  • JCarder
  • JTrace
  • Jenkins
  • Kitten
  • MooTools
  • Record Breaker
  • Seismic Hadoop (Project Founder)
  • US FDA Adverse Drug Event System
  • Apache Avro (Project Founder)
  • Apache Bigtop (Project Founder)
  • Apache Crunch (Project Founder)
  • Apache Flume (Project Founder)
  • Apache Hadoop Common (Project Founder)
  • Apache HBase (Project Founder)
  • Apache HDFS (Project Founder)
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache Mahout
  • Apache MapReduce (Project Founder)
  • Apache MRUnit (Project Founder)
  • Apache Oozie (Project Founder)
  • Apache Pig
  • Apache Sqoop (Project Founder)
  • Apache Whirr (Project Founder)
  • Apache ZooKeeper (Project Founder)